Careers at Endace

Working at Endace

Endace is a world leader in network monitoring technology and has offices based in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our products range from network monitoring cards to full-featured network appliances. Typically operating at 10Gbps speeds and above, our solutions are deployed in some of the fastest and most complex networks in the world, capturing 100% of data, removing data path restrictions and increasing network security.

At Endace we’re looking for the brightest and best so we champion a flat company structure and collaborative culture to get the best out of our people.

Our team is made up of New Zealanders and people from all across the world, for a diverse mix of cultures, age ranges, energy and bright ideas that makes Endace a dynamic place to work.

So, what’s it like working at Endace?

We’re set to flip the network monitoring market on its head by using game-changing ideas and cutting-edge technology.

This means we’ve got varied and challenging projects for the best and brightest to sink their teeth into. You’ll never be bored and you’ll be constantly learning from the people around you.

(Our casual culture means you don’t have to wear a suit!)

How we make it happen

We believe in innovation and keeping things simple: we won’t let bureaucracy or complexity get in the way of your big ideas. Do great work with minimal fuss.

Endace’s flat structure facilitates collaboration, whether you’re working alongside a VP or the CEO, collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

What this means for you

We look after our Team

We practice integrity in all of our interactions, whether it’s a customer, colleague or supplier, everyone is treated openly, honestly, and with respect.

There’s also a well-stocked pantry with food, drink, and fresh fruit and on Fridays, lunch is on us and we have regular social events, too.

Excellence is Rewarded

Our reward packages are comprehensive and at the top end of the market – if the business does well, so will you. Everyone shares in the results of good work.

You’ll never stop being Challenged

You’ll be encouraged and supported in growing your potential and thriving inside and outside of work. Your team are among the best at what they do and you’ll always have another opportunity, project or challenge to take on.

Our values


We strive to minimize bureaucracy and our flat structure encourages the flow of new ideas. We’ll give you everything you need to do innovative, industry leading, work with minimal fuss.


We’re looking at turning the industry on its head and to do that, we need the best and the brightest. We’ll give you everything you need to thrive and achieve excellence.


Everyday we balance innovation and being a market-leader in unchartered areas of our industry. To do this, our team needs to be agile, able to manage ambiguity, and needs to trust and support each other.


Integrity is at the core of Endace and our team is made up of every different kind of person from all across the world. We treat everyone with honesty, respect and openness.

Our Offices


New Zealand’s biggest city is Endace’s HQ and offers a blend of cultures and entertainment to suit any lifestyle. As Endace’s base of operations, the Auckland office is diverse and connects with the team around the world.


Hamilton is where the magic happens and our engineers create market leading software and hardware for the future of network monitoring. Based two hours out of Auckland, Hamilton boasts art galleries, the Hamilton gardens and a quiet lifestyle.


One of Australia’s most lively cities, Melbourne offers new opportunities with a growing team that looks after the APAC region and is home to product management, with all the benefits of living in Australia’s Coastal Capital.


Join the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s largest cities. Our office in London will connect you across the UK and Europe as Endace continues to make its presence known.

United States

Our team in the United States spans from Houston, Texas to California, capturing the different cultures and experiences the US has to offer. The right candidate will be able to work almost anywhere in the US.


We have a small but growing development team in Chennai which works with our Hamilton-based engineering team, designing and building world-class software.

We’re on the cutting edge of a competitive industry that’s always in the midst of fast paced technological change.

We work hard at Endace and are looking for some of the industry’s brightest to take up the challenge of their career.

If this is you, email your CV and cover letter to

Visas and Eligibility to work in New Zealand

Endace is an Immigration New Zealand Accredited Employer. This means we are part of a small group of responsible New Zealand companies who are able to recruit globally and have employees' talent visas priority processed under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Policy.

Find out how you can get a visa and your eligibility to work in New Zealand at the New Zealand Immigration website.