EndaceCMS Central Management Server

EndaceCMS is a core component of the EndaceFabric™. It is designed to be used by IT Operations teams to centrally monitor and administer all the Endace appliances in a network-wide deployment. Endace appliances include EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms™, vProbes™ and InvestigationManager™ instances.

This efficient, centralized management of all the components of an EndaceFabric speeds up and simplifies administrative tasks, dramatically reducing the management overhead - and OPEX costs - of managing a fabric.

Key features are:

  • Pushing configuration changes to the entire EndaceFabric, individual EndaceProbes, or groups of EndaceProbes using profiles.
  • Central monitoring of EndaceProbe and vProbe health and capture status
  • Orchestration of upgrades of the EndaceFabric

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NEW. Release 6.5 of EndaceCMS

With the release of OSm 6.5 there have been some architecture changes to both EndaceCMS and the EndaceFabric.

Central Vision, which was previously part of EndaceCMS, allowed SecOps, NetOps and DevOps teams to perform investigations across multiple EndaceProbes and vProbes.

This functionality has been moved into a new, seperate EndaceFabric component, known as InvestigationManager, and provides rapid, network-wide search and data-mining across multiple EndaceProbes, EndaceProbe "stacks" and vProbes simultaneously.

Find out more about the changes in OSm 6.5, EndaceFabric and InvestigationManager in the link to our blog post below.

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Using the profile feature of EndaceCMS, it’s easy to create a pre-defined configuration and push it out to segments of the EndaceFabric, allowing different geographic or logical regions to have different settings and access control.

Configurations can be pulled from, or pushed to, individual appliances quickly - making it simple to copy configurations between appliances.

Health Monitoring

At-a-glance estate health and status, along with customizable alarms and thresholds, allow for proactive management of an estate of Endace appliances.

Rapid identification of malfunctioning or overloaded appliances enables rapid response and remediation, ensuring that if a critical event occurs there is no gap in coverage across the monitoring fabric.

System Updates

Updating an entire estate of appliances can be a challenge, particularly if available update windows are tight. EndaceCMS makes this easy.

With EndaceCMS, system updates and patch files are managed centrally from EndaceCMS and can be applied to multiple connected appliances simultaneously. Updates can be applied in real-time or scheduled for later deployment.

Deploying EndaceCMS

EndaceCMS is available as a VMWare or KVM virtual machine that can be deployed on any suitable server infrastructure. It is also available as a pre-installed physical appliance, which comes with 32TB of local RAID storage and can host up to four applications in its built-in Application Dock™ hosting environment. This makes the physical EndaceCMS appliance an ideal platform for hosting InvestigationManager instances which can leverage EndaceCMS's local storage for archival of packets retrieved during investigations.