Asymmetric Connection Issues

Troubleshooting Asymmetric Connection Issues

Asymmetric connections are where the request packets of a conversation follow a different path to the response packets. This can be the result of a deliberate configuration or it can occur as the result of a misconfiguration or an equipment failure - such as in the situation where there is load-balancing between two network elements and one is intermittently failing or overwhelmed with traffic.

In networks where multiple paths are available between hosts, network performance issues can be harder to solve than when only a single path is available. Not least because the tools that network analysts rely on are typically not capable of reassembling flows from multiple locations.

Continuous packet capture provides the evidence to allow analysts to quickly and accurately discover the cause of network problems, but finding all of the packets that make up a troublesome connection can be a challenge. Not so with EndaceFabric™. Our centralized visualization tool makes use of the EndaceFabric's distributed architecture to search for, retrieve and display all relevant packet data, without the operator needing to figure out where the packets crossed the network.

EndaceVision and EndacePackets

EndaceVision™ and EndacePackets™ are browser-based investigation tools included on every EndaceProbe Analytics Platform.

EndaceVision provides a number of visualization tools for examining recorded network traffic. EndacePackets is a wireshark-based, protocol analyzer that provides on-probe decoding of recorded packet data.

Troubleshooting Aysmmetric Routing Issues Using EndaceVision and EndacePackets

Using EndaceVision, you can isolate packets-of-interest from one or more EndaceProbes for the period that you are interested in. By applying filters you can drill into particular hosts or specific protocols to identify the specific packets you want to examine.

Packets can be decoded directly using EndacePackets without requiring a download. Alternatively they can be downloaded as standard pcaps, or enhanced ERF format files with added Provenance™ data, for examination in Wireshark or other packet decode tools.

Endace Fusion

The Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors who leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting and workflow API to integrate Network History into their applications.

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